About me



I was born in a distant and very cold place, in Kamchatka. It is a very harsh land and my hometownt is a pale and gloomy place, which is absolutely not helpful in development of creative thinking. But in some miraculous way my muse visited me and stayed with me, so I began to draw. Now I have moved to St. Petersburg, here I study various techniques and get inspired by new places and new people. I still can’t figure out how I combine a plenty of time for my art with going about exhibitions and galleries. But i am trying to stay in harmony. ​ I like to receive bright emotions and transfer them in creativity. I’m not an adherent of one style, I’m interested in trying everything, different tastes and techniques. I’m looking for inspiration in my wonderful family. In travelings. In dreams. I learn harmony from my domestic snails. They are always willing to pose for me.